19 comments on “RPG Rabbit Explains How to Win at Blitzball (Most of the Time)

  1. I fucking hate blitzball, Fuck everything about it, I just want to win this game for Wakka otherwise I wont touch blitzball ever again, and I don’t care about wakkas shitty final weapon, fuck it. I love FFX, its my favourite game but I can’t stand blitzball. I suck huge balls at it and its a useless stupid game.

  2. Nice bro . . . .

    i hate to this fuckk bliztball game . . . . .

    Tidus bastar is the start in this story , how can he be defeated so easy in this fucking game . . . .

    • Yeah, I don’t know, man! Idiotic plot magic is the answer to that one, I guess. Every other part of this game is SO GOOD and then the blitzball is just SO BAD.

      • I’ve played ffx many times on ps2, it was like my first game for it and my very first rpg tbh. All was going well until I got fucked by that underwater hell. In subsequent playthroughs, I always hated that blitzball forced game shit, but loved the rest of the game. Hell, I had the European version and defeated both Penance and Nemesis without playing blitzball ever again! But the worst part against the Luca asshats are the cutscenes you can’t skip and every time you lose, reload and watch that crap again. I bought the HD remaster recently and got screwed by that, again, but I managed to win somehow and blitzball can now die in a ditch.

      • I wholeheartedly agree! I’m replaying the HD remaster with my husband right now, because he’s never played the game. I got us through the plot games, but every time we get to a save sphere, he’s like, “Are you going to play some blitzball?” And I’m like, “OH HELL NO.”

  3. Wtf blitzball is amazing, its one of the best minigames in the franchise, you must not understand the appeal, so im guessing your probs a 90’s kid or something?? Seriously Blitz is FFX

    • Wow, dude. Thanks so much for this. I honestly have NEVER met someone who LIKED Blitzball, so this is a great day for me!

      (You may think I am being sarcastic, and I swear I am not, really.)

      I love FFX to bits, and yes, I am a 90s kid, though I am unsure of how that relates to my Blitzball frustrations. Personally, I find that there is very little crossover between people who like JRPGs and people who like complicated sports simulations, but that doesn’t mean that there ISN’T any crossover. And look, here you are, the crossover!

      Keep loving the Blitzball, dude. Someone has to. You probably own at it even without the exploit. Keep it real with Wakka, bro.

  4. As of right now I’m in the midst of acquiring Wakka’s Attack Reels and I can’t win a single fucking game for the life of me. I’d sooner dodge 200 lightning bolts again than play one more game of this shit. UGH. I’d like to meet the asshole in that office who came up with the brilliant idea of making Blitzball a forced mini-game. Absolutely repulsive game design.

    Other than the Blitzball experience, FFX is perfect. Thank you for sharing my hatred for this shitty mini-game.

  5. Blitzball is bullshit hands down. that can go both ways though rarely.

    For example i had wakka score a goal on the goers with 3 blocker including graav, which according to the in-game tutorial is mathematically impossible even with the variance involved, but effectively making me win due to overtime. i have seen a video of Graav shooting through 3 blockers and getting through keepa from the middle of the feild. also impossible.

    no strategy will work if you never get the ball in the first place, like the first half. which totally screwed me for jecht shot since nobabody got exp. the ball was in the goers possession the entire time until the got a goal right before halftime.. come second half, tidus gets the ball, and i by some miaicle , i get a goal. the wakka comes in. graav continues to single handedly dominate 3 people at a time until full time. you know the rest/

    All of the Aurochs are shit, Wakkas coaching even shittier. keepa’s (auroch goaler) maxes his SH (goal shooting power) at 99 the highest in the game, wakka has trained this guy to focus on the one stat he will never use. All of his other stats are balls.

    That said yopu need to sack them jassu being the only half competent one, Brother(yes that’s his name)(Mid), Jumal (goaly), Wedge (striker), Ropp(def) are on my team and i can beat the ronso team and the goers pretty easily(brother outruns graav, who is basically the whole team).

    Guado and Al-Bhed on the other hand are near impossible, nimrook has a base CA (Catching Ability) of 16, which means not even the jecht shot will be enough unless tidus is 3 or 4 levels above him. to stop that, keep playing exhibition games against the albhed. until Nimrooks contract is 1 game left. then save. the play another exhibition match against the albhed, forofeit and hop they release nimrook. if no reload your save and try again until they do. if they do, got the the airship cargo area and hire him. hes the best goaley in the game.

    Guado are super fast, which makes it hard even for brother to avoid them and they can quickly return to normal formation making the above very hard to pull off, they usually specialise in one stat and are quicte flimsey for tackling. Unfotuantely Seymour is out there using his magic prowess to manipulate the RNG for these guys, so you need to overlevel these guys to beat them.

    This game is so bad ive considered beating penance and all the other super bosses without wakkas weapon or his Atk wheels which is required in like every guide to beating them, opting for blitz ace instead. last time i did bothered getting it, i had already beaten them. butr now they are achievments and as a hunter im forced to play this rigged game.

    I Hope someone has better luck than me. and i was kinda hoping the fixed this thing in the HD remaster.

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