4 comments on “RPG Rabbit Tempts the Trolls by Mentioning #GamerGate

  1. I think I understand all the frustration and hatred coming out of this vocal minority of the “gamer culture”. There’s still an idea that games are “our thing” – the nerdy boys’ club, for lack of a better term. The fact that this is no longer the case and that people are out there asking developers for better depictions of women in games – I believe that’s what gets to them. “Leave our skimpy-armored girls alone”, they might be thinking. Well, that’s just a guess.

    i agree that there should be games for all kinds of people. Games are a medium, just like novels or film – when people say “games are X” or “games should be X” I sort of wonder what they mean exactly.

    • I guess when people say “Games are X,” what they ought to be saying is, “The games I like to play are X.”

      Sadly, you can’t claim a whole medium as a boy’s club. The world doesn’t work that way.

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