2 comments on “RPG Rabbit Gives Some Quick Advice About Persona Q

  1. Are you saying the Vita is a useless handheld? Can’t agree with that at all.

    However, I agree with you otherwise. It’s annoying that Atlus is spreading its Persona titles across different platforms, and only making them exclusive to those platforms. Honestly though I don’t think you’re missing much with Marie’s story. I think probably the P4G anime is hamfisted because her story is pretty much like that anyway. As if Atlus thought: what was Persona 4 missing? Yeah, a temperamental teenager who writes really horrible poetry!

    • You know, I really am unfair about the Vita. I think I’m just bitter because I really kind of liked my PSP-1000, and I actually own quite a few UMDs for it, so when Sony announced that the Vita would not be backwards-compatible with my old games, I got grumpy and sort of rage-quit the whole thing. I dust off my PSP-1000 every once in awhile to play Tactics Ogre, but most of my handheld attention goes to my 3DS XL any more. The Vita system does look neat, though, with all those cool touch screens. Maybe I’ll get to play with one someday.

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