3 comments on “RPG Rabbit Is Somewhat Unimpressed by Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae

  1. I didn’t get to play this, but I did watch a run-through of it, and I was struck by how the FFXV team seems like a hair metal band whose bus broke down and they have to run to their next concert on foot. It’s weird. The gender thing is definitely a factor too – I think every FF before this, even the old SNES and before ones, had central female characters. Still, this is just a demo, so who know what they’ll pull out when they release the full game?

    As for the open world aspect, I liked how that looked, especially after the god damn endless hallway of FFXIII.

  2. An open world skyrim-esque Final Fantasy game could be AMAZING. At least they’ve gotten hallway simulators and auto-attacks out of their system. Still, I wish they could keep a handle on the core elements of what it means to be Final Fantasy in the same way that, say, the Zelda and Mario franchises have done. It can’t just be crystals, chocobo, moogles, attacks names, enemy types, and a pilot named Cid if you’re going to make a numbered game in the main series. Mario in particular is great at exporting surface details to spin off games while keeping the core series true to it’s past and it’s fans. Many of the core FF elements like Strong Intro Sequence, Ensemble Cast, Engaging Main Villain, Enjoyable Dialogue, and Innovative World Building increasingly take a back seat to shiny video, wacky clothes, and experimental game mechanics.

    Okay, I guess FF13 had most of those except for the villain, but it was just terrible in almost every other way.

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