4 comments on “RPG Rabbit Has Been Too Busy to Play Many Games, But Not Too Busy to Get Excited About SquareEnix at E3

  1. A most perfect line ‘Because nothing says death and destruction like merrily-spinning teacups’. Made my day

  2. Those teacups will mow you over! Seriously though, it was an great bunch of announcements. The FF7 remake and a new Star Ocean are finally convincing me to spring for a PS4. As for FF Worlds, I’m just happy to see something new on the Vita. With that and the Digimon game being localized, maybe it’ll be a couple high-quality RPGs. Really enjoyed The Last Hope, so that’s got me excited.

    • I’m always slightly jealous of Vita owners. I really only have the budget to support one handheld right now, and I love my 3DS, but there are a LOT of cool RPGs that are Vita exclusives.

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