7 comments on “RPG Rabbit Has Arrived Rather Late to the Fire Emblem Party

    • I rarely find game dialogue genuinely funny, but Nintendo and 8-4 have really outdone themselves with the translation. No idea if that’s a trait all Fire Emblem games share or just a perk of this particular release. However, since the next game, Fire Emblem: Fates, is being developed by the same team but with consultation from an award-winning manga writer, the writing in that one might be even BETTER.

      • The writer behind Fates also did the Gerbackers manga, which was adapted into an anime series. I saw a few episodes and I really liked it.

      • I should have also mentioned that Awakening is my first Fire Emblem game, but certainly not my last. I, too, am daunted by how expensive those older games are.

      • I was really not expecting that. The Wii was such a popular and widely-sold system that I assumed it would be pretty easy for me to pick up a copy of an old Wii game. Boy was I ever wrong. I hope Nintendo re-releases those games at some point, maybe on the 3DS. Hint, hint, Nintendo. I’d buy them.

  1. What a great game. I really liked the marriage => time-traveling offspring mechanic. But my favorite thing about Awakening is probably Lissa’s steel-tipped hoop skirt. She could probably kill enemies with that skirt somehow.

    I don’t think Fire Emblem’s ever been big on fanservice, actually. Judging just from this game and Path of Radiance, that doesn’t seem to be its style.

    • If the writing, plot, and characters are interesting and well-rounded, it’s funny how you don’t really need fanservice to get people excited about a game. So I appreciate that Fire Emblem’s style seems to be telling an awesome story.

      And yes, that skirt is epic. Honestly, that skirt seems like the only practical way to get a hoop skirt onto a battlefield. Although I do wonder how she sits down.

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