2 comments on “RPG Rabbit Isn’t Sure If She Should Be Offended by BYFWM! (For Girls)

  1. I think this game is offensive and mentally damaging if any young girls (and possibly young adults) play this because it’s sending a message that if you’re not thin then you won’t get a date. But, older women who are confident in their body image and know better and they just want to play it for the eye candy or what not is fine. There are two sides to this and it depends on the person. If you want the mental abuse to help you lose weight and know that it’s all fun and games and you’re not offended then yeah fine by all means enjoy playing it. I just think young girls, girls with low self esteem, or body image issues should not play this. And you’re right it’s a hit or miss with this title depending on the audience.

    • These are great points, Lora! I’m in my early 30’s now, so this game seems mostly silly, but you’re right, if I teleported this game through time to me 15 years ago, it would have been fairly devastating, especially considering I was much heavier then.

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