Justifying the Existence of this Blog


I’m a writer. I teach writing. I love words. Words are an integral part of my life. I write about everything that is important or interesting to me, and interactive entertainment is very interesting.

I work a full-time job and two part-time jobs, and I spend a great deal of my free time in rehearsals, so I don’t get to play games as much as I’d like. Expect a new post every two to four weeks.

3 comments on “Justifying the Existence of this Blog

  1. A rabbit would be good at DDR…

    That aside, your (utterly painstaking) quest to DDR forever inspired me to contact you, because I recently found myself, again, on the same journey. I own one of Red Octane’s high-density foam Ignition pads and wanted to also adapt it to the PS3. Because, yes, Naoki song packs for a meager $5.00 bucks. Unfortunately, the adapter for PS2 to PS3 was impartially responsive at best, so it is fortunate my PS2 and DDR Extreme 2 are still well and good–for now.

    One thing even more illusive than a professional dance pad? A dance buddy equally excited about fervent stomping. We used to not only have DDR sporting arcades, but competitions. Now–well, this is why I am truly taking time out of your day, and shamelessly so: do you happen to reside in the Southeast U.S.?

    Very creepy *and* spontaneous. But hey, you never know. This could be the start of something -awesome-. I want a kindred spirit. And hopefully a nearby one with which to schedule irredeemably dorky DDR gatherings.


    • I am sorry to say, although I once lived in Virginia, that time is now ancient history. I now reside in the Pacific Northwest. If ever I return to Virginia, I shall let you know, and take you up on your fervent DDR offers. I am glad to know of a fellow DDR fanatic.

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