8 comments on “(Stella) Glowing Praise from RPG Rabbit

  1. This was a great review for the game thank you! I just may pick it up myself. 🙂
    I too not only have a large 3DS back log of games, but for my other consoles too (going far back as Playstation). I know how you feel. ^^;

    • I’d highly recommend giving the game a go, even just the demo (since it’s freeeee).

      …And because of the PSN’s many PSOne classics, now I also have a PlayStation backlog, which consists of digital versions of FFIX and Suikoden I and II. I also have a physical version of Vagrant Hearts sitting around that I keep meaning to try out.

      I love JRPGs, but they’re so LONG!

    • Update! ~ I just picked this game up about a month or so ago. It’s pretty great so far. I really do love my 3DS. Now I can play more than just Animal Crossing: New Leaf (not that I don’t love the hell outta that game, but too much of a good thing can get boring).

  2. You can not speak of good soundtrack or story or good games in general without mentioning Ace Attorney. That’s not an RPG at all, though, but that series, I’m telling you, is a damn masterpiece, and the team that made the first four games made Ghost Trick, which is surprisingly actually a stronger game.

    Since I played Ace Attorney, speaking of a good game without saying “but Ace Attorney is better, and Ghost Trick is even better” seems almost like a sin to me.

  3. Great review! I Love Stella Glow! I bought Stella Glow during my Thanksgiving Break in 2015 because I had nothing to do and wasn’t expecting such a great game. I would say its probably the best JRPG in 2015 but of course there are some things that need fixing. The story may seem mediocre but you know what, the character and development made that mediocre great. I’d say the 2 characters that hype the story was Rusty and Mordimort from their personal side story. My favorite witch song has to be Sakuya (Why Is Her Song Great…black hair…Japan maybe). However, there were some errors. From the combat system they didn’t add a way to view the map unless you’ve selected a character and scope the map. The witches’ song were great but can be overpower sometimes. Finally I’d say would be the monsters. This may not be much of a problem but I felt this needs to be addressed as they just kept repeating the same opponents. They could have added some typical monsters and that would’ve been okay. Despite these cons I give it a 9/10 because of how good the story is, the voice acting, art, music, and developing relationships.

    • Oh yeah, I totally got sick of the same six monster models over and over again. JRPGs are frequently guilty of palate-swapping, but it was really evident in this game. I guess they had to cut corners SOMEWHERE. Sakyua’s songs are definitely great for getting going! So upbeat. Also, as cute as Lisette is, Sakuya is definitely the woman I’d date in real life.

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