4 comments on “RPG Rabbit Runs the Shadows

  1. One of the major flaws of final fantasy tactics, a game I absolutely loved, is that the even if the outcome of a battles was no longer in doubt it could still drag on for a long time. The randomness and the speed of Shadowrun Returns combat makes every encounter risky and exciting.

    I love that fact that they play up the noir angle. It would have been very easy to ignore that undeniable influence on early cyberpunk literature and try to mine the game’s more popular/typical fantasy roots for their plot and mood. That itself is one of that game’s most refreshing aspects.

    • The surprising emphasis upon investigation, albeit very basic investigation, really hammers home that noir feeling. I appreciate it, though I wish there was some more actual puzzle-solving.

  2. Oh, I love Shadowrun Returns. Dead Man’s Switch was excellent, I think I must’ve played it about a dozen times. And Dragonfall is equally superb in the writing, superior in game play, and the Director’s Cut piled on another few side-missions of pure joy and happiness. I’ve played it at least a dozen times, and am in the middle of yet another run.

    • I’m really looking forward to Dragonfall. I remember reading in a review somewhere that Dead Man’s Switch is good, but Dragonfall is amazing. Since I already think Dead Man’s Switch is pretty amazing, I’m expecting my little mind to be blown by Dragonfall.

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