6 comments on “RPG Rabbit Has As of Yet Met No Actual Dragons in Dragon’s Crown

  1. “For instance, the Dwarf looks like he overdosed on elephant steroids.”

    This made my freaking day! Thank you!

  2. I can appreciate your review, and regarding the art style.. See Japanese/Otaku culture. Not the first time, and won’t be the last for boobs. These are the people that make the games, enjoy them for what they are or don’t. Period. No one is changing anything by whining.. It just shouldn’t be a deterrent to liking a game or not I think. Just saying, not trying to be rude. Support it or don’t- to the mass public I say this, not you personally..

    Second, while repetitive.. It’s essentially a glorified beat em up.. Which I love! 🙂 As a huge Japanese gaming fan, it’s a perfect mesh of Vanillaware styling with a Diablo influence. See loot heavy games. You either love the repetive, mass enemy style of gameplay which allows for plenty of combos (keeps it fresh) or it bores you. I’m old school, and I love this style. Not for everyone, especially the newer generation.

    Side note Muramasa is one of my favorite games festuring Vanillaware as well, very repetitive but a visceral experience. It’s awesome

    Good review, enjoyed the read!

    • Oh, I’m used to the boobs. As futile as it may be to complain, I’m still going to do it. I love to complain.

      Boyfriend and I have played several more hours of the campaign at this point, and we’re really enjoying it, especially once we figured out how to turn off the needless extra party members. This made the battles much more visually manageable.

      I really enjoyed Muramasa, but Odin Sphere will always be my favorite Vanillaware game.

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

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